‘The Wolf and the Deer’

The story of a extraordinary relationship.

“A wolf and a young deer.
Imagine a forest, in the early night. There are trees, but not much vegetation. The fog gives the air a special weight and the silence only competes with the breaking branches under their feet.
A wolf and a young deer find each other and remain in silence. From that point on they continuously and for each moment decide to stay together despite their instincts, knowing that at any time that fragile balance that keeps their relationship could be broken. Committing to the untouchable connection between them, offering their lives to each other.
They are both as vulnerable.
The wolf is ignoring his nature by finding something admirable and wonderful in the deer, which makes this one very powerful under the wolf’s eyes.
The young deer knows that the wolf could kill him at any second, but there is something stronger that makes him stay by his side.” (Irene Cortina)

Choreography/Dance: Irene Cortina & Yannis Karalis

Costume: Christin Noel

Music: Paul Dill

Premiere at ‘espacio inestable’, Valencia/spain. december 2013

Teaser ‘The Wolf and the Deer’: 

B6-1 B6-2 B6-3 B6-4 B6-5


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