Ausstellung ‘innendrin – sketches from the insight’ No. 1

This is the first part of an very inspiring cooperation between me and the wonderful musician Paul Dill:


No. 1

“One Girl”

There‘ s just one girl

and a hundred guys

when she passes every man smiles

She plays the same game every afternoon

all the women passed there forties look like witches with a broom

But she is young and pretty and she acts like a flower

makes no difference, if they are bald and toothless or have missed to shower

oh they‘ ve missed to shower

And the old once like to kiss her on the cheek stay close and charming

and the young once fail to bother, cause she must be with another

So she smiles away day in day out

plays her part so well

I‘d like to grab her and shout:

Take your heavy metal chains, throw them right there in the river

bring your flying legs and fringe and we jump out of this picture

But I am shy like all the others and just watch her from a distance

maybe one day she‘ ll be taking or stays here growing her wisdom

The complete exhibition, live and in color, is permanently to be seen and enjoyed at:

Restaurant ‘Primaria’ – Gärtnerstrasse 12 – 10245 Berlin


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